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Welcome to History 12!

Reminders & Announcements:
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  • IMPORTANT dates, rubrics and helpful stuff on Assignments & Assessment page
  • NOTE changes!!!!!
  • Check out weekly Homework on "Homework Unit 4" page

Weekly Learning Outcome(s):

by the end of the week, we should all be able to

China Since 1945

Describe the emergence of China in world affairs

Analyse changes in Chinese communism, with reference to
− the Cultural Revolution; the changing relationship with the West;
and Deng Xiaoping’s policies
The Middle East since 1945

Describe relations between Israel and the Arab world, with reference to
− territorial changes; Arab nationalism

Explain the significance of conflicts in the Middle East

Tasks for Friday June 6
1. Add an image/photo/cartoon from any topic from Unit 4 on Photo Gallery Unit 4
2. Post a response to 1 of the Discussion options for Unit 4 on "opinion page"

Rest of time for
-weekly HW
-individual assignments for Unit 3/4
-debate prep *Moved to next THURS!
-learning team presentations
-Unit4 Practise questions- 40 questions ALL on Test Stuff
*Still will be tues June 17