Unique to
Benito Mussolini & Italy
Similarities between the 2
Unique to Adolph Hitler & Germany
-fought briefly in WW1; supported War through newspaper
-He was more cautious towards the great powers
-both involved in WW1
-both constructed totalitarian regimes
-secret police
-Both anti-communism
-fought as a soldier (wounded and decorated)
-He was more aggresive towards the great powers
-They Set up a Facist party
-First a socialist before becoming a fascist
-Italian fascism was not particularly anti-Jewish or racist until 1938
-both take down opponents against them with secret police to reach there goal.
-both tried for fascism and both failed
-both used propagand
-both started as paramilitary groups
-both had facist parties
-Before each ruler the countries suffered from economic and political weaknesses
-both are ruthless dictators
-Encouraged the uprising of "the Master Race"
-Hitler's final aim was to exterminate the entire Jewish race.